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Why Cruise Azamara?

With more time in port, and more overnight stays than any other cruise line, Azamara is a boutique line for those wanting a more immersive experience at each destination. Their small, club-like ships dock at unique ports that larger ships can't access due to their size. Many cultural experiences on land and their lecture series on board are included.

Azamara's upscale experience mainly attracts adults looking for extended getaways. Their elegant ships offer a high level of service and complimentary amenities, and their onboard activities are more sophisticated than most.


Chef preparing salmon with guests

Destination Immersion®

If you're looking to completely delve into the destinations you visit, Azamara is for you. Their Destination Immersion® experiences let you explore the culture, art, history and beauty of each port. For instance, you can visit an exotic local market with the ship's chef in Asia or learn to make mozzarella by hand in Italy.

Kotor, Montenegro port aerial view

Unique Itineraries

With smaller ships, Azamara can dock in many ports that big ships can't, and that means their itineraries can give you more time on shore. Imagine sailing up the Thames River and docking right in the heart of London, whereas most ships dock in Southampton, an hour and a half away.

Seating area of a luxurious Azamara suite

Boutique Ships

Their small, club-like ships are easy to navigate and guests love the cozy corners and elegant staterooms. Once on board, you can expect a high level of personalized service and complimentary concierge services, providing you with a memorable and premium cruise experience.


Azamara's fleet consists of four mid-sized ships, all designed with nearly identical amenities and features. With less than 800 passengers on board, you’ll never feel overwhelmed or overcrowded. From their upscale design to their extraordinary wine cellar, Azamara’s ships were built for the sophisticated traveler.

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