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Choosing the Right Destination

From the blue-hued glaciers of Alaska to the white-washed neighborhoods of Greece, see the world, one colorful destination at a time, with Cruises for Less. 

Do you daydream of glitzy Monaco and strolling Champions Promenade while counting Ferraris? Or are you more of a nature lover who’d rather hike the trails of Kauai and count rainbows? Everyone is different, just like every destination. That’s the beauty of Cruises for Less. Together, we’ll find you the right cruise vacation, so you’ll be as happy as a seagull with a french fry.

Featured Destinations

The Caribbean

Explore warm beaches, turquoise waters, glittery casinos and pirate lore. There is something for everyone under the Caribbean sun. 

Explore the Caribbean
Magens Bay Beach, U.S. Virgin Islands


Opa! Salud! Toast to exploring the Mediterranean for less and waking up in a new country or city almost every day. These ancient lands are quite spectacular.

Explore Mediterranean
Manarola, Italy


Take a ride on a dog sled, spy breaching whales, explore the history of the Gold Rush and First Natives… all the while surrounded by breathtaking beauty.

Explore Alaska
Glacier Bay, Alaska

All Destinations

Exuma, Bahamas


Pirate lore, lively casinos, colorful reefs for diving, straw markets for bargaining and miles of beaches for lounging. It really is better in the Bahamas.
St. George’s, Bermuda


Explore British Naval history, and discover the natural wonders of this pink-sand paradise. Or sip a "dark n’ stormy," shop for shorts and tee off on some of the world’s most beautiful courses.
Acadia National Park, Maine

Canada & New England

Connect with the sea like never before as you sail past craggy cliffs dotted with stately lighthouses on your way to explore the East’s most historic port cities.
Katz Castle, Germany

European River Cruises

Romance and history meld together as you sail along Europe’s scenic, winding waterways. Gain a new perspective on cities, cultures and cuisines as you cruise like never before.
Maui, Hawaii


Attend a luau in Kauai then dance the hula in Maui. Catch a wave in Honolulu. Every Hawaiian island has its own magic. Discover your favorite and bring home the spirit of Aloha.
Tulum, Mexico


Feel like a fiesta or a siesta? Mexico has it all. Have a tequila toast in Cabo. Learn to make killer guacamole. Snorkel the Sea of Cortez, or set out to explore Maya ruins.
Stokksnes, Iceland

Northern Europe

Watch history unfold before you at every port, and be in awe of the superior architecture, spectacular fjords, cobbled lanes and masterful works of art. It is jaw-dropping.
Panama Canal

Panama Canal

Wildlife is only one facet of a cruise through the Panama Canal, the greatest engineering accomplishment known to man. Sail through history and be a part of the journey.


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