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Cruising Northern Europe

Just as the Vikings explored the northern seas and traded with the Russians, Brits, and Celts, you too can traverse these waters to visit historical port cities. From Russia's cultural capital of St. Petersburg to the remote islands of Scotland, cruising Northern Europe gives you the chance to experience more in one voyage than you could when traveling by land. And as one of the more expensive travel destinations, visiting via cruise ship is the savvy choice. A favorite amongst history buffs and adventurous spirits, this region offers a plethora of castles to explore, fjords to hike, and beers to drink.

Our Northern Europe Cruise Tips

It would be difficult to get a flavor for all of Northern Europe on a single cruise. The best advice is to focus on a specific area and spend your time exploring there.


The geography of the British Isles provides for numerous ports of call in England, Ireland and Scotland. Princess has among the most itineraries departing from Southampton, which is about 2 hours from downtown London. Search this Cruise Line.

Holland America

Scenic cruising is the best way to view the fjords in Norway, which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. With Holland America Line, midsized cruise ships with spacious public areas and wraparound decks can make you feel that much closer to the action. Search this Cruise Line.


A Baltic cruise in Northern Europe can take you to places as diverse as Estonia, Finland, Germany and Russia. Norwegian offers a good selection of Baltic itineraries, giving you a lots of choices for cruises that are at least a week in length. Search this Cruise Line.

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Most cruisers avoid the cold, snowy winters of Northern Europe, and instead, opt to visit between May and September. Some ships depart the region as early as July to head to the Mediterranean, so if you want to sail to these shores outside of the summer months, your options will be limited.

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The Off-Season

In April and May, the temperatures are warm enough to enjoy your cruise vacation, but are still cool enough to keep the crowds at bay. There are a few sailings that depart in the winter, often featuring destinations where you can see the Northern Lights, like Tromsø, Norway.

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Factor This In

The summer can be quite pleasant in Northern Europe, with sunny skies and a cool breeze. For those who are considering a trip to see the Northern Lights, keep in mind that this region can have rough seas in the winter. Although there are more hours of darkness in December and January, the best months for spotting the lights is typically September and March (though it varies year to year).

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