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Why Cruise the Mediterranean

Cruising the Mediterranean is a bucket-list destination for many people, and it's no wonder. You'll wake up in a different city almost every morning and the sights that await you are simply magnificent. Tour historic sites and famed museums by day, catch a glorious sunset from the patio of a local taverna and then take part in the white-hot nightlife.

Whether you're new to cruising, a honeymooning couple, or a seasoned traveler, a cruise through the Mediterranean is sure to surpass your expectations. It will not only leave you with memories for a lifetime, it will also leave you longing to return.  

Our Mediterranean Cruise Tips

Factor in air travel to and from Europe, on top of your Mediterranean cruise fare, and you’ll want to make the most of every moment there.

Holland America

Many cruise lines have overnights at the beginning or end of the cruise, so your ship's basically like a hotel, giving you more time to explore the city. Holland America Line is among those with more overnights in places like Barcelona, Rome and Venice. Search this Cruise Line


The “M” in MSC Cruises stands for “Mediterranean,” so it makes sense that its large fleet of ships in the Med means more choices for you. Plus, the cruise line’s European vibe matches the destination. Search this Cruise Line


Celebrity Cruises received well-earned attention with two of its newest ships -- Celebrity Edge and Celebrity Apex. Fortunately, both ships sail Mediterranean itineraries from May through October. Search this Cruise Line

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Planning Your Mediterranean Cruise

When to Go

Prime Time

The summer months are popular for families and college students due to school breaks. May through September tends to be the busiest, when local shops and hot spots are buzzing with activity. While there are some cruise lines that sail the Mediterranean year-round, such as Norwegian, MSC and Costa, most ships are only in Europe during the summer months.

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The Off-Season

By October, you'll find cooler temperatures and less crowds, which makes waiting in line for tours and tickets much more bearable. Plus, this is a great time to go and save money. Similarly, Mediterranean cruises in October through May often have lower price points. Just know that your cruise options will be limited during the winter.

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Factor This In

If you do visit during the off-season, note that some tourist hot spots may not be open. Also, it's important to remember that during the summer,  temperatures can range from the upper 80s to the 90s (Fahrenheit) and many historical buildings don't have air conditioning.  Some sites require conservative clothing (particularly places of worship), so make sure to pack appropriately.

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