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Why Cruise the Caribbean?

Undoubtedly, the best way to visit the Caribbean is via cruise ship. Not only can you see several islands on one trip, but you can also call on ports that are less accessible by plane and even visit islands, privately owned or operated by the cruise lines, that you could never experience otherwise.

Whether you’re a first-time or seasoned cruiser, the Caribbean is a fantastic escape for those who seek fun, sun and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. But, it’s not all saltwater and sand. The Caribbean boasts a colorful culture, fresh and flavorful cuisine, and the best duty-free shopping around… did someone say diamonds?

Our Caribbean Cruise Tips

With warm weather making it possible to sail year-round, every cruise line can put some claim on being the best in the Caribbean.

Royal Caribbean

Many travelers go out of their way to book a cruise that includes a stop at a private island, exclusively for use by guests of the cruise line. Royal Caribbean’s Perfect Day at CocoCay has the tallest waterslide in North America and largest freshwater pool in the Caribbean. Search this Cruise Line.


Carnival departs to the Caribbean from more than 10 different U.S. cities in 8 different states. Search this Cruise Line.


Shorter getaways are sometimes overlooked. Celebrity Cruises has 4- and 5-night cruises to the Caribbean. Perfect if you want to budget your spending—or your time-off from work. Search this Cruise Line.

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Planning Your Caribbean Cruise

When to Go

Prime Time

With mild winter temperatures, blue skies and tropical breezes, many cruisers elect to “escape the cold” and visit the Caribbean during the months of December through April. March and April, as well as the summer months, are popular for families and college students, due to school breaks.

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The Off-Season

By May, the temperatures are significantly warmer, but the crowds have lessened, too. If the heat isn’t a factor, this is a great time to go—and to save money. Similarly, Caribbean cruises in September and October often have lower price points.

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Factor This In

Not all cruise lines sail the Caribbean year-round, and many schedule their ships to cross the Atlantic to sail Europe for the summer. The dry season in the Caribbean lasts from December to May, and there's a higher chance of rain from June through November. Temperatures usually range from the lower 80s to the 90s (Fahrenheit).

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