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Premium Onboard Experience
Immersive Itineraries
Extensive Dining

Why Holland America?

Holland America Line is a premium cruise line experience that attracts primarily more seasoned travelers, however, this can vary based on the length and destination of the sailing. Each of their ships offer a traditional, but modernized experience. Holland America Line is known for its excellent food, onboard music experiences and high-quality service with two or three crew members for every passenger.


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Premium Onboard Experience

Holland America Line offers spacious and sophisticated staterooms, complete with premium beds and linens, bath amenities, ample luggage storage and spotless stateroom service twice a day. Passengers rave about the mix of traditional and modern, with activities ranging from themed afternoon teas and ballroom dancing to exclusive live music performances at venues such as B.B. King’s Blues Club and the Rolling Stone Rock Room.

Tourists walking on ice glacier in Antarctica

Immersive Itineraries

Holland America covers it all with over 500 itineraries, stopping in 100 countries. Alaska is one of Holland America’s specialties; they've been sailing these waters longer than any other major brand. Holland America also offers Explorations Central, which is designed to help you learn more about the destinations you visit, including informative talks from experts, cultural activities and more.

Couple enjoying a meal on their cruise balcony

Extensive Dining

Holland America Line offers a variety of options for both casual and fine dining, and features the Culinary Council, which brings dining excellence to many venues across the fleet. The Culinary Council brings the collective experience and passion of eight world-class celebrity chefs, including Austria's Rudi Sodamin and French-trained Jacque Torres, also known as "Mr. Chocolate."


Holland America Line has a fleet of 11 mid-size ships across five different classes. Recalling the heritage of partnership between the Netherlands and the Philippines, you'll enjoy traditional, personalized service on board.

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