Travel Declaration

Last Updated: July 26, 2021


Due to the unique circumstances presented by COVID-19,travel procedures and requirements may be different than in the past. Cruises For Less is committed to the well-being of our travelers, team members and partners. It is essential that we all stay informed and take personal responsibility during this time.  By booking a reservation with Cruises For Less, you hereby acknowledge and agree to this Travel Declaration and the following:

  • I acknowledge and understand that I will need to comply with specific requirements imposed by cruise lines, airlines, and/or countries, which may differ from the vaccine/testing requirements in the United States and/or Canada.
  • It is my responsibility to check the cruise lines', airline carriers’ and countries’ requirements prior to travel.
  • It is my responsibility to comply with cruise lines', airline carriers’ and countries’ requirements and present valid      documentation.
  • Each cruise line's requirements, airline carrier’s requirements and country's requirements may be different from one another and I must comply with each and every one of them.
  • The following two items are the most common items required for international travel and cruise travel at the moment, but I acknowledge and understand that these requirements are given as an example only, that these requirements may change at any time and that these may not be the only requirements:
  • Authentic COVID-19 vaccination certificate showing the date and time of vaccination(s) with the final dose given at least 14 days before departing for this trip.
  • Verifiable negative test result for COVID-19 showing date and time of test and taken within 72 hours of travel. In some cases, this test must be a PCR test.
  • I acknowledge and understand that a negative test result for COVID-19 may be required multiple times during my trip. I understand that I may be required to take a COVID-19 test multiple times, both prior to departure and during my trip.
  • I acknowledge and understand that complying with these requirements will be done at my own expense. This may include the cost of any required COVD-19 test, transportation to and from a testing facility, and any other related expenses both at home and abroad.


  • During the trip:
  • I will follow all signs, instructions, and directives from the cruise line, airline carrier, any local authorities in each      place of travel, and the Cruises For Less representative and/or driver.
  • I will follow good hygiene practices to include proper physical distancing, wearing a face mask and/or gloves when required, and follow all government regulations. If exempt from wearing a face mask or other such requirement due to health impairment or disability, I will carry proof, such as a doctor’s note, to show if requested.
  • Should I, or others in my traveling party, not comply with the outlined measure or test positive for COVID-19, I understand that I, along with the members of my party, shall not be able to continue the trip, shall be required to and responsible for the return trip to the United States and/or Canada and any related costs, and shall not receive any refund for the portion of my trip which I, or a member of my party, was unable to attend.
  • I acknowledge and understand that hotels may cancel or modify select services (including, but not limited to, breakfast, gym, spa, restaurants, and room service) due to local regulations, that this is out of Cruises For Less’ control, and that I will not be compensated for the lack of any of these services.
  • I acknowledge and understand that local tourist attractions, restaurants and other facilities may not be open, fully      operational, or allow for full capacity at this time, that this is out of Cruises For Less’ control, and that I will not be compensated for the lack of any of these services.


  • I acknowledge that I have been strongly advised to get travel insurance.
  • Cruises For Less recommends all clients have travel insurance coverage for potential medical expenses should you become ill overseas.


  • By booking my reservation, I acknowledge and confirm that:
  • Failure to comply with this Travel Declaration or testing positive for COVID-19 may result in my, and my travel companions, removal from the trip at my own expense/at my travel companions’ own expense(s) and that neither I nor my travel companion(s), if applicable, will be reimbursed for these expenses or the cost of the trip.
  • I understand there are inherent risks with COVID-19, and by booking this reservation, I accept and assume all risks and costs related to COVID-19 while traveling.
  • I release Cruises For Less, its employees, agents, guides and drivers from any and all claims that may result from COVID-19 related illness, injury, quarantine or death.


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